How can I register my child?

  • You can e-mail us at info@kenntnisreich.de, or you can go onto our website. You will find a registration form on the website. We will get back to you promptly.

My child will be born in the near future. Can I reserve a place for him or her now?

  • You are welcome to add children who have not yet been born to our waiting list. Please remember to update the child’s details later.

How old does my child have to be to attend a Kenntnisreich facility?

  • We care for children of 10 months and older in our Kenntnisreich day nurseries.



 Does Kenntnisreich have a particular educational approach?

  • Our approach is situational. Apart from our early years care and education on the basis of the Berlin Education Programme, we also have a particular focus on project work in the context of education for sustainable development (ESD) – for example in the areas of crafts (wood carving, pottery), ecology and the environment (experiencing nature), food preparation (cooking), and movement and posture.

Is food delivered or prepared directly in the nurseries?

  • Fresh food is prepared every day in all our facilities. We source our food from regional suppliers and especially from our cooperation partner “Vierfelderhof”, a certified organic farm. “Domberger Brot-Werk” – another of our cooperation partners – also delivers freshly prepared sourdough bread to us every Monday.

What opening hours do the day nurseries have?

  • Our Kenntnisreich Kindertagesstätten day nurseries are normally open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.



What will I have to pay for childcare?

  • We accept the daycare coupons issued by the Land of Berlin. The competent Children’s Services Department [Jugendamt] will calculate the supplementary contribution due from parents on the basis of the weekly hours worked and the income of both parents.

Where can I apply for daycare coupons?

  • You can request a daycare coupon for your child from the Children’s Services Department [Jugendamt] covering your district – either in person or over the internet.



I would like a job with Kenntnisreich.

  • You can see all our current vacancies here. We also welcome speculative applications. Please send your application to personal@kenntnisreich.de.

Can I apply for an internship with Kenntnisreich?

  • Yes, we offer internships in our Kenntnisreich Kindertagesstätten on an ongoing basis.
  • You are welcome to send an application by email to personal@kenntnisreich.de.